Save Energy With a New Roof


The price of maintaining a good home is not what it used to be. It takes so much energy to keep your air conditioners on that you might consider keeping it off. There’s a way to reduce your spending, this is by switching some of your home materials in energy-friendly products. Here’s how to conserve energy with a new roof by expert roofing contractors.

How to Make Your Home more Energy-Friendly:

  • Buy energy-friendly materials: When purchasing building materials for your new roof, make sure to use energy-conserving products. They cost a little more, but their effects on the environment will help reduce the cost of keeping you cool. Choose the color and material according to your location; lighter colored roofs will help deflect more heat from your home. 
  • Read up on ‘Cool Roof’ Options: If you have never heard of the cool roof, you should read up on it. This is a roof that helps deflect sunshine and absorb less heat compared to a standard roof. Investing in a ‘cool roof’ could mean lower electric bills because you won’t have to use your air conditioners as much.
  • Invest in Good Insulation: You will notice that the change of seasons also means that there are changes in your insulation. Basically, during the summer the heat tries to get in and during the winter, it tries to get out. If you have good insulation, you can avoid having to adjust to the seasons. With a good roof with proper insulation, you can renovate your home and keep cool at the same time.
  • Keep Your Roof Ventilated: Now, this may seem counterintuitive to what we previously said about keeping your home insulated; but hear us out. Your roof needs proper ventilation to prevent the accumulation of dust or even molds. Your roof is exposed to outer elements, and it’s important that fresh air circulates so it doesn’t end up collecting dust and mold.
  • Consider Your Roof Color: When you wear dark colors, you will notice that you absorb heat more often than someone wearing lighter colors. This is because dark colors tend to absorb heat more and it doesn’t reflect sunlight. The same goes for your shingles color, if you paint it darker, it will definitely absorb more heat and more sunlight. 
  • Use Sustainable Materials for Your Roof: Whether you live in a coastal area or even a colder area, it’s a good idea to build a roof that can take your environment. Wooden shingles are not enough and you should consider the materials you buy. Even if it’s a new roof or a re-roof you should invest in your materials. 

Why Energy Conservation is Important:

Let’s face it, having your air conditioners on is getting too expensive. If you’re paying thousands just to stay cool, then you might as well just invest in energy-conserving materials rather than sustaining the electric bills. It may cost more to buy energy-conserving materials but it lasts longer and is more cost-effective for you as a home-owner. 

Aside from that, you save so much on your electric bill. The importance of refurbishing your new roof is that it will help reduce costs. There’s so much that you can invest in if you’re not paying for extremely high electric bills.

Key Takeaways:

Having your roof redone can seem like a huge cost, but it costs more to be paying for an electric bill monthly, that is so high because of your air conditioner. It’s much better to invest in a cool roof and reduce your electric bill than sustaining that monthly cost. Here’s how to conserve energy with your new roof.